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    Throat Pain: 6 Superfoods You Should Eat To Help Ease Sore Throat Naturally

    Foods To Have In A Sore Throat: Throat pain or sore throat can make it very difficult to swallow food or even take a sip of water. Sore throat is often caused due to consumption of extremely cold drinks or foods or can even be caused due to allergies. There are times when one turns to home remedies before taking medical assistance for relief. Though there are many home remedies, from traditional Indian ‘Kadhas’ to ‘Haldi doodh’ (turmeric milk), Indian kitchen remedies have worked wonders. However, there are many other foods that can help provide comfort and relief from throat pain. 

    Here Are 6 Superfoods You Should Eat To Help Ease Sore Throat


    As soon as there is discomfort in the stomach or throat, Khichdi becomes the go-to meal. It is light, easy to digest, and provides comfort to one’s stomach and throat. It is also healthy to eat. 

    Vegetable Dalia

    If your throat pain is not getting any better then you should try to have vegetables, Dalia. To enhance the taste, you can add vegetables like onion, carrots, and peas and eat them hot. It will help ease the sore throat and is healthy to eat too. 

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    Ginger And Honey Tea

    Ginger and Honey have anti-inflammatory properties that can help soothe a sore throat. You can add these to hot water to give relief to your sore throat. Eating a teaspoon of honey with ginger can also help and provide relief. 

    Mashed Potatoes

    Mashed potatoes can satisfy your taste buds and can provide relief from throat pain as they are easy to swallow. Plain mashed potatoes seasoned with a small amount of salt and butter can be soothing for those with throat pain. 


    Dal is a rich source of protein and is easy to digest. Cook any dal with a little extra water to give it a soupy touch so that it becomes easy to digest. 


    Broth-based soups like chicken noodle soup or vegetable soup can be comforting and hydrating.

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